Knutepunkt Special: Tickets & Tees

Since Christine and Larson are at Knutepunkt 2017 to present Zeitgeist and talk about our character creation system, we thought „Hey, how about a special for this occasion?“ And so here it is: Everyone who orders a ticket from today on until March, 10th, will get the Zeitgeist T-Shirt – that […]

24. Februar 2017

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Tickets! There will be tickets!

Perhaps one of the most important things to think about when you’re planning a LARP is: How much will it cost? Or to be more precise: How much does it have to cost? So you have to calculate quite thorough. General stuff as the price of a location, including accomodation […]

15. Dezember 2016

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We are online!

„At last“, he called out. Followed by a long series of coughs and sniffs. Damn flu. But after three days of pure suffering and one and a half day past his deadline of December 1st the web site was ready. At last. Sure, some information are still missing, but that’s the […]

2. Dezember 2016

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