Terms & Conditions

§ 1 – Formation of Contract
The contract gets formed after the registration of the participant and the confirmation of registration by the organizer.
If the organizer does not react to the registration of the participant in the first 14 days, the participant does not need to uphold the registration.

§ 2 – Service, participation fee, payment, delay of payment
1. With formation of contract according to § 1 the participant commits himself to paying the participation fee. The fee legitimates to the participation of the live action role play (larp).
2. The payment of the fee happens generally before the larp via bank transfer or with billeto.
3. In case of delay of payment of more than 14 days after request of payment the reservation will become invalid and the spot will be given to another participant. The date of received payment as presented at the account of the organizer is authoritative.
4. If the registration is made by a third person, he/she is as joint debtor responsible for the obligations from that commitment.

§ 3 – Withdrawal, refusal of registration, exclusion from the event
1. Able to participate are all unrestricted contractually capable persons. In case of rule violation the eligibility for participation can be revoked.
2. The amount of participant slots is limited. Slots are not transferable. The nomination of a replacement needs the written consent of the organizer.
3. If the participant withdraws after formation of contract according to § 1 - regardless at which time - a cancellation fee will be due, depending on the date of withdrawal.
Till 30 days before start of event 50% of the participation fee From the 29. day before start of event on 100% of the participation fee.
4. The organizer reserves his/her right to exclude participants before the event from the event without giving reasons. The already paid participation fee will be refunded.
5. If the event gets cancelled already paid participation fees will be refunded. Further claims do not exist.

§ 4 – Accountability
1. The organizer assumes only restricted accountability for damage on to property and persons, except at proven cross negligence or intention on the part of the organizer, his/her legal representative or his/her assistant. In all other cases the person responsible is accountable.
2. Compensation because of positive violation of contractual duty, culpa in contrahendo and forbidden acts is excluded as far as the organizer, his/her legal representative or his/her assistant haven't acted with intention or crossly negligent.
3. Claims for damage because of service being impossible, breach of duty and delay are in the case of slight negligence limited to the compensation of foreseeable loss.
4. The organizer is authorized to charge even after the event participants because of violation of rules of cleanliness according to the house rules of the location of the event or damages charged by the house owner afterwards. If the locations were not left accordingly to the rules, resulting extra costs for the organizer will be divided among the responsible persons and they will be charged.
5. The participant guarantees to absolutely observe the rules for using the locations. Violations can led to exclusion. The participant is responsible for any possible additional costs.

§ 5 – Rule system
With his/her registration the participant accepts the from the organizer given rule system as binding/mandatory. The organizer reserves his/her right to decide on binding changes of rules even after formation of contract.

§ 6 – Safety
1. The participant affirms under sufficient consideration of the expectable physical, psychological and mental strain to be able to participate at the event. In case of doubt the organizer can give further information.
2. The participant is compelled to check the lent equipment regularly on still being safe to play with before and during the game. If the equipment does not or does not anymore conform to the safety rules the participant has to take it out of use independently. Faulty items are not allowed to be used in the game anymore. Noncompliance can let to exclusion.
3. Participant owned equipment may not brought to the event without consent from the organizer.
4. The participant commits himself/herself to avoid any threat/danger/hazard (?) to himself/herself, other participants and the location that exceed the normal risk of larp. This encompasses especially to enter closed off areas, to light (open) fire, agitated/action-focused scenes in dark or unclear areas (staircases, passages, etc.) as well as careless movement across the location.
5. If a participant took medicine which forbids driving of a car on public roads he/she has to stay away absolutely from any dangerous physical scenes. Noncompliance will let to an instant exclusion from the game.
6. The instructions of the organizer, his/her legal representative or his/her assistants (e.g. game masters, facility technicians) must be obeyed.
7. Participants who violate safety rules or endanger other participants or don`t obey the instructions of the organizer, his/her legal representative or his/her assistants can be excluded from the event without the organizer being compelled to reimburse him/her the participant fee (not even in part).
8. The organizer reserves his/her right to exclude participants because of gross game disruptive behaviour without without the organizer being compelled to reimburse him/her the participant fee (not even in part).

§ 7 – Copyright of recordings
1. All rights to sound, film and video recording by the organizer stay with the organizer. The organizer is authorized to record the whole event or in part and to use those recordings for scientific evaluation, documentation or advertising.
2. All rights to performed story line as well as from the organizer used catalogue of terms, names and characters stay with the organizer.
3. Photographic and sound recordings by the participant are only allowed for private use.
4. Every public performance or broadcast of recordings, even after editing is only allowed with written consent from the organizer.

§ 8 – Data privacy declaration
1. The participant complies with his/her information given at registration being listed in an automated participants file. The information won`t be passed on.
2. Voluntary given information about health status and diet of the participant will be handled in confidence and won`t be passed on to third parties.

§ 9 – Miscellaneous
1. The organizer won`t guarantee accommodations divided by sex. 2. All supplements to an agreement and changes need written form.
They must be agreed on with authorized representatives of the organizer.
3. The validity if the contract won`t be affected, if one or more points of this terms and conditions become invalid. In the case of invalidity of a point that rule applies which comes as close as possible economically to the old one while being also legally allowed.